Turn Complexity to Insight

We are analysts first, artists second.

During speech and discussion we filter insight from noise¹, no matter how technical the conversation.

By summarising context with speed and nuance, our visual summaries provide structure and clarity – which delights, deepen, and drives engagement with key ideas.

Graphic Recording Hong Kong Wan Chai Tedx

1 | Delight Audience

Part performance, part craft, graphic recordings disarm and charm, creating pockets of safe space for meaningful conversation.

Graphic Recording Ture Deepen Retention

2 | Deepen Retention

We learn best with visual representations² for active sense-making³. Graphic recordings are effective memory aids for pattern-finding.

Graphic Recording Deepen Retention Asia Singapore

3 | Drive Engagement

We create versatile content with rapid speed. Turn graphic recordings into digital GIFs content, emailers, and reports – or physical posters, printouts, and wall murals.