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Digital Solutions

Amplify your message in a digital world.

Digital media is at the forefront of how we consume and share media today.

Through the creative use of technology, our innovative and end-to-end solutions help you clarify and speak your insights in powerful, timely and shareable ways.

| Digital Graphic Recording
| GIFs
| Videos
| Virtual Reality

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Digital Graphic Recording

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1 | From Analog to Digital - Sharing Ideas with Style

Go digital! Our versatile graphic recorders are Just as proficient with digital tools and software as pens and markers.

Digital Graphic Recording brings you all the benefits of real-time visual summaries – and more.

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2 | Captivate Event Audiences Through Live Streaming

Through live streaming, digital graphic recordings become dynamic visual backdrops and large-screen real-time visual summaries for presentations.

Above drawing audiences’ attention – studies have shown how integrated visual aids can even increase agreement, content recall and positive reception, when used over text-based visual aids or powerpoint (Kernbach & Eppler, 2010).

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3 | Stand Out: Leverage Insights as Rich Media

In today’s competitive media landscape, it’s one thing to be heard, and another to be remembered.

Through animated GIFs, time-lapse videos, multimedia websites and reports, we help you transform your insights into powerful and shareable knowledge assets that your audience and advocates keep coming back to.

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1 | Tell a Visual Story

As skilled storytellers across mediums, we blend hand-drawn visuals, animation, narrative and storytelling to bring your message to life at its most compelling.

Be it through animations, timelapse or hand-drawn videos, our work creates scalable, effective and high-value assets that help you educate, inspire, sell, or amaze -- playback after playback.

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2 | Your insights: Polished & Made Potent

Through informational synthesis and design, our Idea Ink process is the culmination of continually polishing and refining your message, helping you craft and form your message in the most elegant way.

We help you in creating knowledge assets that are not only accessible, engaging, educational -- but also a joy to watch.

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3 | Create Scalable, Shareable and Viral Content

As multimedia content, videos, such as hand-drawn explainers, are among the most popular and readily shared content on the internet and social media – a testament to the popularity and effectiveness of such mediums.

Whatever your message – having it as a video helps it stand out from the crowd – turning audiences into advocates.

If you would like to see more of our video projects,

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1 | 360* Interactive Visual Summaries

As one of the first companies to explore graphic recording in the medium of virtual reality, Immersive Graphic Recording is brings all the benefits of graphic recording into an expansive new medium.

  • Graphic recording but crafted and experienced primarily in virtual reality.

  • Immersive Graphic Recording takes advantages of the interactive and immersive opportunities of VR.

2 | Deepen Engagement Through Immersion

As information designers, we are able to synthesise, curate and design information not just in 2D, but environmentally.

Where themes, organising points, and highlights can be organised spatially, through scale, and contextually within the designed world itself – allowing your audience to learn in a more active, interactive, and intuitive way.

3 | Shareable Interactive Knowledge Assets

Despite VR being a niche technology, the share-ability of each interactive asset allows intuitive and easy access on computers, phones, tablets and other devices -- allowing fo novel ways for your audience to gain from your content.

The immersive world created can easily be shared online – accessed through web-links, or embedded on websites, emailers, and social media for easy amplification.