1        What do we do?

Idea Ink is a Singapore-based illustration studio, specializing in information design. By turning complex ideas into fast, fun, fresh visuals - abstract information becomes easily read, shared, and learnt

2       Who are we? 

We are a team of creatives mostly trained in universities instead of art schools - and hence, armed with critical thinking and business skills. We translate dry technical content into beautiful, engaging infographics - and thus bridge the gap between industry specialists, and the everyday laymen. 

3       How do we create value? 

In a world of information overload, most people have no time, and no energy to filter insight to from information. At events, we don't have time to digest hundred pages of PowerPoint slides, or hours of video recording. At work, we don't have energy to navigate complicated charts, long manuals, or large PDF files.  

Thus, what Idea Ink brings to your workplace is simplicity and elegance. First, we use illustrations to build context and interest. Then, we chunk information into simplified summaries. Thus, our clients achieve twin goals of both branding and communication: We help them demonstrate memorable style, but also deliver powerful substance. 

4       How can we do it?

As we are used to simplifying ideas at breakneck speed, Idea Ink is often hired for event summaries and business messaging - for a diverse range of technical clients. With visual intelligence (the ability to visualize abstract ideas) as our core skill-set, we also train people in three capacities: as team-building workshops, as facilitator training, and as a skills upgrade course. 

5       Where can you apply your skills? 

Idea Ink travels worldwide for work - we roam across Asia Pacific, and have been locations as exotic as Portugal, Nepal, and Myanmar.  We work regularly across Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.

In fact, our team is extremely fluent in both Mandarin and English.  And combined, we have basic knowledge of Bahasa, French, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, and Cantonese. 

6       How do we charge? 

  • For live events, we charge by half-day (under 4 hours), and full-day (under 8 hours).

  • For studio work, we charge based on the complexity of the information provided, and the desired level of style output.

  • For workshops, we also charge by half-day and full-day, in addition to per pax prices beyond 20 people.

    You can also e-mail us at contact@ideaink.co - to receive our rate card, or a customized quotation based on your unique business needs.