Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic Recording

1 | Are the illustrations done live?

Yes, everything is done on the spot during the event as the talks are ongoing. Participants will be able to see the full illustration after the event at the end of the day.

2 | How are the illustrations presented during the event?

We have various ways to displaying the physical boards - sketch walls, modular sketch walls, sketch towers, or easel display.

3 | Can your graphic recorders understand the industry’s technical terms?

Yes, our illustrators are experienced and are equipped with technical knowledge from a multitude of disciplines. In addition, Idea Ink has worked with numerous clients with different profiles - such as finance, tech, education, oil and gas, human resource etc.

4 | What do you need to give you prior to the event?

We would need the event details (date, location, event name, agenda), any branding guidelines, and the preferred display format. We will brief you with more information upon confirmation of the display method.

5 | How do you charge for live event graphic recording?

We charge by half-day (under 4 hours), and full-day (under 8 hours).

6 | What is included in the amount we pay for?

The basic event day-rate includes one main illustrator, all stationery, and post-event deliverables.

7 | Can we keep the physical boards after the event?

Yes of course! Everything belongs to you, and feel free to display the boards back in your office after the event.

8 | What are the post-event deliverables?

The basic rate includes a high-resolution digital file(s) of the graphic recording and depending on the graphic recording format, we may send you a compiled PDF of all the individual illustrations.

9 | Do you travel out of Singapore?

Definitely! We travel overseas pretty often for projects. But as we are based in Singapore, overseas expenses (ie. flights, accommodation) will be additional to project cost.

Hand-drawn Infographics

1 | What are the current products you offer?

We do infographics, illustration time-lapse videos, animated videos, and wall murals.

2 | How do you charge?

We charge based on the complexity of the information provided, and the desired level of style output.

3 | What is your turnaround time?

We can always work out a reasonable timeline based on your deadlines and our availability. However, we do charge additional rush fees if you require very quick turnaround time.

4 | How many rounds of edits do you allow?

The basic service includes one round of major edits (ie. change of concept) and a round of minor edit (ie. text edits).
We can edit this according to what is required from your end - additional cost will incur with more rounds of edits.

5 | Will you provide us the working file(s)?

Unfortunately no, as we have to protect the rights of our illustrators and the work they create, We will however give you the final files in the file formats you require.