Graphic Recording

The process of creating real-time visual summaries at scale.

Also known as visual facilitation, graphic facilitation, and live scribing - we are experts in listening and synthesising content.

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Turn Complexity to Insight

We are analysts first, artists second.

During speech and discussion we filter insight from noise¹, no matter how technical the conversation.

By summarising context with speed and nuance, our visual summaries provide structure and clarity – which delights, deepen, and drives engagement with key ideas.

Graphic Recording Hong Kong Wan Chai Tedx

1 | Delight Audience

Part performance, part craft, graphic recordings disarm and charm, creating pockets of safe space for meaningful conversation.

Graphic Recording Ture Deepen Retention

2 | Deepen Retention

We learn best with visual representations² for active sense-making³. Graphic recordings are effective memory aids for pattern-finding.

Graphic Recording Deepen Retention Asia Singapore

3 | Drive Engagement

We create versatile content with rapid speed. Turn graphic recordings into digital GIFs content, emailers, and reports – or physical posters, printouts, and wall murals.

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When information is dense, complex, and ambiguous, information overload occurs, compromising people’s ability to assimilate information effectively.

Eppler, Martin J., and Jeanne Mengis. “The Concept of Information Overload: A Review of Literature from Organization Science, Accounting, Marketing, MIS, and Related Disciplines.” The Information Society 20.5 (2004): 325–344. Crossref. Web.

“Vision trumps all other senses”

Medina, John. Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School. Pear Press, 2014

Learners build meaningful connections between words and pictures, thus learning more deeply than with words or pictures alone.

Mayer, R. E. (2009). Multimedia learning (2nd ed). New York: Cambridge University Press

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