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When information is dense, complex, and ambiguous, information overload occurs, compromising people’s ability to assimilate information effectively (Eppler & Mengis, 2004).

As thinkers first, and artists second, we pride ourselves on our ability to filter noise and synthesise nuance, even in the most technical of fields. By organising key points, hierarchy and context, graphic recording reduces overload by making the big picture visible-- ensuring that even the most complex, abstract ideas remain accessible.


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“Vision trumps all other senses” (Medina, 2008).

Not only do our brains attend to and retain visual information better, and for longer, effective visual representations have also been shown to promote active sensemaking and meaningful learning (Mayer, 2009). By taking advantage of the way our brains are wired, graphic recording ensures that your insights not only reach, but stay, with your audience.



Captivate and Engage your Audience

Part performance, part artistry, and always engaging.

With visual motifs, brand colours & logos, and speaker’s portraits, our sketch walls and towers become visual and tangible anchors for events, creating a social space for conversation, learning, even photo-ops and social media sharing – organically increasing the profile and buzz of your event.

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Turn Insights into Elegant & Shareable Knowledge Assets

By consolidating a wealth of insights, graphic recordings also function as valuable knowledge assets.

Often, our graphic recordings are printed out at events, hung up and mounted in offices, or distributed as high-resolution images on emailers, reports, websites or blogs -- ensuring that your audience stays engaged, long after your event.

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