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Hand-drawn Infographics

Stand out from the crowd with beautiful and bespoke graphics.

Our bespoke services help to bring out your message with style, originality and clarity -- whether be it online, live or in the workplace.

| Murals

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1 | Make an Outsized Impression

Be it at events, roadshows or at the office – permanent or semi-permanent, the scale, finesse and visuality of our hand-drawn murals never fail to impress viewers.

Tell a story, provide information, beautify your workplace, explain what’s crucial – whatever it is, make your insights tangible and impactful.

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2 | Express Your Identity Visually

A strong, coherent Identity, vision and culture propels teams forward together.

Make your company’s organisational culture, strengths and assets tangible through workplace murals.

Through consultation, we embed your unique message, brand colours and inspirations into a functional work of art – becoming a constant and tangible reminder to employees, guests and clients what your company stands for, and what’s important.

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1 | Integrating Information Into Stunning, Coherent Graphics

Serving both form and function, infographics bring patterns, context and logic to light - making them visible and accessible and easily digestible.

Whether be it a proposal, summary, business model, HR rebranding process, or a new product information – your audience will thank you for it.

2 | Help Audiences Separate Signal from the noise

Companies sit on a wealth of content – but often this is buried in inaccessible slide decks, text-heavy documents, or white papers. The problem is often not too little content, but too much.

Through our strength in synthesis, organisation and information design, we discover organising key points and present them visually, ensuring that the core of your message is strengthened, while ensuring it reaches your audience.

3 | Connecting Through the Power of Visuals

Experiments have shown that visuals attract and hold our attention significantly better than text (Pieter, 2004).

Move over long slide decks, walls of text – amidst competing noise, elegant and effective infographics ensure that your audience not only notices, but also deeply engages with your message.

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