Jumpstart Magazine


September - October 2018

Jumpstart is Hong Kong’s first print publication, covering topics like crowdfunding, manufacturing, design, FinTech, AI, robotics, IoT, lifestyle etc. Launched in 2014, Jumpstart targets startups and small businesses, with each issue going in-depth into tech-related topics plus interviews, upcoming events and ideas to inspire innovation and growth.

We are collaborating with Jumpstart to bring you appealing visuals for three issues. With our animated infographics, we breakdown technical content into bite-sized pieces for easy consumption!

Jumpstart Magazine Issue 23 - Download the high resolution image here

Jumpstart Issue 23

Musical Showdown: IPOs VS ICOs - This issue addresses the buzz around the topics of ICO, IPO and Blockchain, as well as their hype in the Asian context. 

Download the high resolution image here. Content is also accessible on the official Jumpstart Magazine website.