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What is the result of thoughtful visual and information design for an emerging entity?

We helped the fintech arm of an established bank to build its brand identity.

The Open Vault (TOV)  is the fintech arm of OCBC Bank. It actively ventures out to collaborate with external fintech firms to test new ideas and solutions - before bringing winning prototypes to the market. As an emerging entity, it seeks to establish its brand identity rapidly while retaining its sense of adventure
and malleability.

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We Have Formed a Long-Term Partnership and Are Forging a Brand Identity Together

Forging a brand identity is a process. Since Day 1, we learned that the team is relentless in its pursuit and is constantly excited to reimagine and create. Hence, we provided a tailored design solution for each endeavour.

For our first collaboration together, we created seven eye-catching standees. These standees are placed at the front foyer of their office and immediately inform their visitors of the team’s dynamic work culture and innovative programmes such as the LEAN workshops, Speaker Series and the CEO Innovation Awards.


TOV Innovation Challenge 2018 Demo Day

The team envisioned a neon and industrial ‘illuminAIting” night theme for the 2018 edition Innovation Challenge Demo Day. We translated their vision into an array of designs befitting the scale and style of the event. We also switched the usual white boards with black ones and neon markers for our graphic recording.


Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 LabCrawl

At the 2018 Singapore FinTech Festival LabCrawl, we used bold colours such as black and red to design infographic murals on their presentation booth which set apart their work from the rest.

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TOV X Idea Ink X Antz

For our latest collaboration, together with local graffiti artist @antz_rscls, we designed a graffiti-style mural for their office. The mural is a collage of street and illustration styles. It narrates the team’s fintech journey, from the struggles to the collaborations and aspirations.

It has been a highly creative journey with the team and we look forward to our next adventure together.


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