Our Team


YEE HUI is the Founding CEO of Idea Ink, who works very hard being both an entrepreneur and a creative. Despite a background in sociology and philosophy, her passion is in honing crafts across diverse mediums - be it illustration, writing, cooking, or styling. She hopes to harmoniously blend Western and Eastern influences in all her art, writing, and hopefully research one day. She writes and translates bilingually, while practicing Chinese calligraphy in her spare time.


ALICIA is the Interim COO of Idea Ink. She is working on integrating her need for productivity/ order/ structure and her travelling/ free spirit/ creative streak. During her undergraduate days in Peking University, she travelled extensively in developing China. After four years in the wild, she ran back home to work on the conservation of Singapore’s built heritage. In the early mornings and late nights, you can find her writing in cafes or working booths.

PING is a Senior Illustrator who thrives on hand-made art and self-dyed hair. Although she studied Visual Communications at Nanyang Technological University, her passion lies in illustrating intricately-weaved worlds. She is also involved in freelance projects such as designing a card game for Play Nation, and a picture book series for a local makeup brush label, 13rushes. A proud parent of two pet rats, her ideal weekend comprises of drowning herself in an oversized sweater, aimless doodling, and watching YouTube videos.

CHIA WEI is an Associate Illustrator, who recently stumbled into the world of graphic recording and fell headfirst in love with it's complex simplicity. A graduate in business administration from Singapore Management University, she double majored in Marketing plus Arts & Cultural Management. She has a strange fetish for squishy or watermelon things. She is enormously enamoured by sexy samba beats - but has a newfound love for groovy reggaeton after five fruitful months in Mexico.

MIRZA is an Associate Animator, passionate about making 2D illustrations dance on screens. A graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts, he’s a big fan of white fish blobs known as mola molas. His short films have been featured in Cartoons Underground Singapore, She Says Singapore, Suria, and Business Times. On weekends he can be found skulking around the dim alley ways of Beach Road, where Singapore’s art house cinema, The Projector, resides. He also plays the electric guitar, and composes ironically mainstream pop songs. 

SHIN is an an Associate Illustrator, passionate about charity work and efficient operations. Training under the Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales (ICAEW), her hobbies include calligraphy, baking, and photography. She also has a preternatural sense of direction, which in her family's words, "is better than GPS". She is an avid teddy bear collector, and dreams of organizing weddings or large-scale charity events. 


SENG is an Associate Illustrator, who's been a competitive volleyball player for more than a decade. He is a full time student at Nanyang Technological University, studying Sports Science and Management. Although he can't decide if he loves art or sports more, he finds charcoal portraiture and documentary binges extremely therapeutic. Good puns, especially, are delightful to him. While he might sound like a handful, that is exactly what two hands are for.