Singapore FinTech
Festival 2016


16 - 17 November 2016     |     Singapore
Modular sketch wall (10 m x 2 m)

How do you condense insights from a conference, for those who may have neither time nor money to attend? 

Thus, our 10m x 2m sketch wall - for the inaugural Singapore FinTech Festival - was immensely popular with the 12,000 attendees, cutting across banking, technology, and policy from entire Asia in two full days. 

The rocket-launchpad metaphor stamped an impression for the diverse audience: News presenters and government officers used it as an interview backdrop, while polytechnic students flocked to it as we-fie opportunity, which was also an easy gateway into the complex multiverse of financial technology.   From bad puns to classic movie quotes, we threaded a zany science fiction universe into a suit-and-tie industry event, thus humanising abstract, complex topics of payments, security, cryptocurrency, and more. 


Click here to download the full pdf.