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Visual Intelligence Workshops

Developing Visually Intelligent Teams & Companies for High Performance

Everything we do goes back to core fundamentals of visual intelligence. Much more than a facility for drawing, we define visual intelligence as a skill – comprising mindsets, thinking and principles of visual and spatial language, that help you to see, clarify, synthesise and express ideas and insights individually and in teams.

| Visual Note-taking
| Colourful Conversations

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Visual Note-taking

1 | Refine, Clarify and Communicate Information Powerfully

People learn better through visual than verbal explanations. Learn how to do what we do, and apply it to various contexts. As a skill, visual note-taking helps you to clarify, synthesise and express ideas and insights individually and in teams.

2 | Our Idea ink Methodology for Holistic Skills Development

Visual note-taking is far from just drawing; but includes equally important steps from filtering, to synthesising.

Through our own Idea Ink Methodology, the visual note-taking process is taught as a progressive chain of steps.

Allowing even the most resistant/ or self-professed (artistically untalented) professional the skills to excel.

3 | Visually Intelligent Teams for Productivity and Impact Through Communication

Apply it anywhere - visual notes help you clarify and express information, for yourself and for others, at meetings, client presentations.

Visual intelligence through visual note-taking is a flexible skill that increases productivity, communication and high performance.

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Colourful Conversations

1 | Enabling Constructive Dialogue Through Visual Mediums

Stumbling blocks and lack of alignment holding back your team often go unexpressed.

We help your team build effective communication through facilitating discussion and self-exploration through visual methods of drawing, painting, and expressing through visual mediums.

2 | Identify and Problem Solve for Team Growth

Teams come out stronger, united, and more high functioning through discussion – identifying pain points, team dynamic, philosophy and vision.

3 | Customised to your Organisation’s Needs

With decades of experience and extensive training, our trainers are experts at tailoring sessions to your specific organisational needs and pain points.