What drives us.

Idea Ink started out as a thought experiment:
Is it possible to share big ideas as great stories,
and turn good art into sound business?
Our answer is yes. And this is why we do it.

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Who we are.

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Yee Hui

The Director

Idea Ink’s founding CEO, Yee Hui blends a curious combination of art and business. A passionate dilettante, she enjoys diverse topics ranging from food science to aesthetics. Besides illustration and design, she is also a skilled writer in English and Mandarin.


The Maestro

Idea Ink’s Head of Production, Ping owns the enviable skill of mastering one single domain, well. Her finesse in technical control - across mediums, art styles, and platforms - is second to her inventiveness in connecting people to ideas, amidst chaos and noise.

Chia Wei

The Polymath

Idea Ink’s Head of Sales, Chia Wei is a motivated gap-filler for problems both prosaic and poetic. Versatile in diverse art forms, languages, and even crafts - she thrives on finding practical, productive solutions that solve complex, unruly problems.




Idea Ink’s associate animator, Mirza, possesses keen insight and an incisive eye for story, rhythm, and style. A consummate connoisseur of all things beautiful, he is adept at transforming still images into dancing pictures - while still retaining the soul of its creation.

graphic recorder, visual facilitator


The craftsman

Idea Ink’s associate illustrator, Jian Wei brings zealous attention to detail and craft in all he does. By slicing large projects into delineated pixels, he transforms ideas and text into images with lightning speed.


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