Visual Summaries

We filter insight from noise, no matter how technical the conversation.

By summarising context with speed and nuance, our visual summaries provide structure and clarity, turning complexity into insight.
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Delight your Audience

Part performance, part craft: Graphic recordings disarm and charm, creating pockets of safe space for meaningful conversation.

Deepen Retention

We learn best with visual representations² for active sense-making³. Graphic recordings are effective memory aids for pattern-finding.

Drive Engagement

We create versatile content with rapid speed. Turn graphic recordings into posters, printouts, and wall murals – or go digital with GIFs, emailers and web libraries.

See our graphic recording projects.

Alexandra Hospital, Elderly Care Workshop

Covering key insights on the future of palliative care in Singapore.

Google Cloud Summit 2018 - 2019

Illustrating insights from tech giant, Google, for 2 consecutive years.

The Economist

Pivoting to remote graphic recording amidst COVID-19.


Remote graphic recording for 120 hours over 5 days.

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How does it work?


Real-Time Input:
Listening On-site

Whether on-site or remotely, we listen in on the conversation with our pens at the ready to capture information that matters.


Real-Time Output:

Armed with our technical knowledge and imagination, we create live visual summaries that capture key insights, adorned with illustrations to drive those insights home.


Lasting Impressions

From murals to printouts and animated GIFs, we can transform any graphic recording into easily digestible formats that your audience can continue to enjoy long after your event.

Display your work in many formats.


Sketch Walls

Watch blank white walls transform into meaningful displays - and dismount individual boards at the end for speaker gifts.


Easel Display

Form gallery displays at high-traffic areas, and watch the crowd admire event content during breaks.


Sketch Towers

Available as cubes and triangles, this dynamic display format collapses into smaller mounting methods to save space.


Digital Livestream

Turn digital graphic recordings into dynamic visual backdrops and large-screen real-time visual summaries for presentations.

Craft memorable takeaways & gifts.

Animated GIFs

Bring graphic recordings and infographics to life by turning them into eye-catching animated GIFs that can be shared on social media platforms and websites.


Spotlight distinguished speakers or featured individuals by adding their portraits to the graphic recordings, or create infographic portraits that tell their stories.

Social Media Adaptations

Configure graphic recordings and hand-drawn infographics as attention-grabbing social media posts and assets.

Pre- & Post-Event Materials

Publicise your events with hand-drawn marketing collaterals, and create memorable post-event takeaways for participants with illustrated infographics! Our illustrations help you achieve a coherent visual identity before, during, and after an event.

Timelapse Videos

Tell a story, explain a process. Turn your digital graphic recordings into time-lapse videos for sharing.

Photo Printouts

Print the graphic recordings out post-event as souvenirs for your participants - 4R and 6R sizes available.

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