Google Cloud Summit 2018 - 2019

Illustrating insights from tech giant, Google, for 2 consecutive years.

For 2 consecutive years, we were invited to graphic record at Google Cloud Summit, illustrating refreshing insights about how Google’s suite of products can greatly enhance the operations and security of organisations and businesses.

While we stayed on home ground in 2018, we travelled around Southeast Asia in 2019, making our mark with our markers in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and last but not least, Singapore.

Google Cloud Summit 2018
Easel display (120 cm x 540 cm), 6 A0 boards, mini sketch wall

To ensure that our boards match the vibrant tone of the event, we jazzed up our boards with a cloud-shaped addition, and played around with Google’s colours for each illustrated panel. After the event, we animated our illustrations to create dynamic visuals that convey speakers’ ideas with zest.

The lightweight boards were displayed together as a mini sketch wall on easels, allowing for easy set-up while maintaining a strong presence at the event.

Google Cloud Summit 2019

For the 4 summits around Southeast Asia, we shook up the composition of the boards by adding fun shapes that framed the illustrated content. We also lined our boards with the iconic skyline of each city we are in, adding a personal touch to each location.

Post-event, we digitised our boards and added animations to the illustrations. To present a cleaner image, we also isolated each panel, turning them into shareable standalone GIFs.

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Lastly, spot our graphic recording in the highlights video of Google Cloud Summit SEA 2019 below!