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HSBC Life H.I.T Career Exhibition

Live mural illustration on a 2m by 3m wall.

2023 | Singapore | Wall Mural

Imagine walking into a space pulsating with financial insights and career opportunities, all while witnessing a talented artist transform blank walls into vibrant canvases of inspiration.

Our team of illustrators went down to the HSBC Life H.I.T Career Exhibition at SCAPE Underground Theatre to illustrate a wall mural that depicts a career pathway for a Financial Planner at HSBC Life.

Wall Mural, 2023.

"From the thoughtful synergy of art and content, to the seamless ideation to execution, working with Ideaink delivered our Call To Action to our audience with an art piece that spoke a thousand words"

- Kevin Yap, Distribution Campaigns & Events, HSBC Life Singapore

About HSBC Life

HSBC Life is the insurance arm of HSBC Group – one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. Our offerings include a wide range of insurance solutions that cater to protection, legacy planning, and wealth accumulation needs.

At HSBC Life, we are committed to covering our customers every step of the way, allowing them to define their own journey and create their own vision of success.

Held on 9 Nov 2023 at SCAPE Underground Theatre, budding Financial Planners can learn more about culture and achieving success at HSBC Life.

Why Mural Illustration?

(1) Visual Storytelling
Murals are a dynamic form of storytelling. Our live artist will capture the essence of financial advisory, translating complex concepts into visually stunning narratives.

An Idea Ink illustrator at work, 2023.

(2) Engagement
This isn't your average career event. It's an immersive experience! Attendees get to witness the evolution of the mural throughout the day, sparking conversations and connections.

An Idea Ink illustrator at work, 2023.

(3) Memorability
The power of visuals! A live mural creates a lasting impression. Attendees will leave with not just knowledge but a visual memory of the event.

An Idea Ink illustrator finishing up the last few touches to the mural, 2023.
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