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Investment Management Association of Singapore

Live AI-portraits interaction for delegates of a finance masterclass and conference.

2024 | Singapore | AI-Powered Portraits

Working with our long-term partner, Amundi Singapore, we were invited to launch our AI-portraits interaction in alignment with the theme of the Investment Conference & Masterclass - Reshaping Tomorrow.'s AI Portrait booth at IMAS Conference

Amundi's Group Chief Operating Officer, Guillaume Lesage, shared Amundi's views on the panel "Navigating the New Investment Environment" alongside:

  • Joshua Lewin, Portfolio Strategist from Bridgewater Associates,
  • Neeraj Seth, CIO and Asia-Pacific Fundamental Fixed Income, BlackRock,
  • Reza Siregar, Special Advisor to the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Embassy of Republic of Indonesia and,
  • expertly moderated by Dr Prakash Kannan, Chief Economist.

The expert panellists highlighted how emerging technology will invent the future of tomorrow's asset management companies.

Amundi Asset Management

How our portrait interaction works in 3 easy steps:

1 - Style Alignment
  • We align on the style our clients prefer the most.

2 - Demonstration

  • Test portraits are generated to achieve your most desired outcome.

3 - On-site Deployment

  • Snap a photo, upload & generate!
  • Photos can be easily saved to mobile devices by scanning a portrait-unique QR code.

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Business Development Manager in Asia and Managing Director of Fund Channel Asia, Lucas Bouziat, also joined in on the AI-portrait fun!

Left: Lucas with his AI portrait / Right: Participants at the booth

Lucas co-hosted a Masterclass in Navigating the Future of Asset Management: Leveraging GenerativeAI and Large Language Models - essentially sharing how technology can revolutionise business operations and customer experiences.