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RevCon by Rev Genius

A combination of AI-powered visual summaries, and manually-tweaked portraits for a 70,000+ strong digital community.

2023 | Remote |

Founded in June 2020, RevGenius is a digital community with over 35,000+ members. Every year, RevGenius organises an annual conference, RevCon, which gathers over 7000+ professionals from sales, marketing, revenue operations, and customer success.

Invited as official RevCon content sponsors, we brought in our AI software, — to create a combination of AI-powered visual summaries, and manually-tweaked portraits.

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Here's how we did it

1 — Pre-Event Marketing Banner

To publicise and promote RevCon 2023, RevGenius tasked us to:

(1) Create a viral social media banner, that

(2) Incorporated AI-powered portraits of 39 speakers

The assets were repurposed as:

(1) Event emailers

(2) LinkedIn posts

(3) Avatar profile display photos

2 — Event Branding

Incorporating RevCon’s gradient colour scheme and logos — we customised content layouts and fonts to generate a brand new layout!

A clean and sleek layout — we swapped out our vector illustrations for a completely new look.

3 — Remote Event Workflow

Hosted on Airmeets, we tuned into the event on our laptops to transcribe the sessions.

Transcribing over 20-hours of insightful content across two-days — RevGenius wanted their community to:(1) Walk away with a packaged compilation of 24 session summaries, and

(2) Have a fun, viral digital experience — as they share viral content from the event.