Smart Nation Innovations Week Opening Symposium

Incorporating quintessential Singaporean elements into a graphic recording.

5 June 2018 | Singapore | Easel display (120 cm x 360 cm), 4 A0 boards

We joined Smart Nation Singapore at the Smart Nation Innovations Week, where a panel of international speakers were invited to share the impact of technologies on citizens’ lives and economies in their respective countries. DPM Teo Chee Hean also announced the Digital Government Blueprint, outlining the government’s vision to be a government that is “Digital to the Core, and Serves with Heart”!

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We graphic recorded the opening symposium on 4 A0 boards that were connected by 1 giant visual motif. Our visual motif, primarily illustrated with Singapore’s national colours, reflected the vision of a smart city - with iconic local elements such as the Merlion, the Dragon Playground, and the Esplanade. The graphic recording was converted to an animated GIF post-event, making it the perfect content to be shared on social media!