Huawei Connect 2019

15 timelapsed graphic recordings to accompany recorded interviews at and sneak previews to an international conference.

18 - 20 September 2019 | Shanghai, China I Digital Graphic Recording

HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, the 4th edition of Huawei’s flagship event, was themed ‘Advance Intelligence’. In the 3-day conference, Idea Ink created over 15 digital graphic recordings for HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE interviews and sneak previews.

Amongst many issues that were talked about, we were blown away by how artificial intelligence can assist environmental conservation, and heartened to learn of efforts towards building a digitally inclusive future.

With the HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE editing team, Idea Ink explored a brand new way of displaying our digital graphic recordings. The time-lapses of our graphic recordings were included in the HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE interview videos, punctuating the speaker’s key points with vibrant illustrations.

HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE 1-2-1: Tan Chu Xin | Animal Language Translator

We also turned our graphic recordings into animated GIFs for HUAWEI CONNECT LIVE’s social media posts.

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Xu Qing Bang | Agricultural Bank of China