British Council: SkillsFuture Festival 2018

Building sketch towers from our graphic recordings of crowd-sourced ideas.

30 June - 1 July 2018 | Singapore | Sketch towers

What better way to involve the public than with our interactive sketch towers? At SkillsFuture Festival 2018, British Council invited individuals to contribute their ideas to various topics such as Business Communication, Presentation Skills, and Language Knowledge. Our illustrators then translated the crowdsourced ideas into illustrations real-time, immortalising the text with visuals. Over the course of the event, participants witnessed the colourful evolution of empty boards into doodle-filled towers.

Post-event, we turned some of the graphic recordings into animated GIFs that are ready to be shared on online platforms!

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As the illustrated summaries were clear and concise, they became great visuals for British Council’s online advertisements, demonstrating their usefulness long after the event they were created for have ended!