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Wikimania Singapore

Enhancing a 4-day conference experience for attendees and capturing the essence of Wikimania 2023 through visual storytelling.

2023 | Singapore | Physical Graphic Recording, Sketch Wall

Wikimania is the annual global conference that celebrates Wikimedia projects, like Wikipedia, and the volunteers who make them happen. The event serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and discussions surrounding the growth and development of open knowledge and free content on the internet.

In 2023, Idea Ink was invited to enhance the 4-day conference experience for attendees and capture the essence of the event through visual storytelling. Wikimania took place in Singapore and saw participants from around the world, making it a significant event for the organizers, including the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that operates Wikimedia projects.

Idea Ink team in action at Wikimania 2023.
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Keeping up with the fast-paced presentations and discussions while creating high-quality illustrations required excellent time management and adaptability.

Wikimania covered a wide range of topics, from technological advancements to social and cultural aspects of Wikimedia projects. Ensuring accurate representation while maintaining simplicity was crucial. The team needed to ensure that the visual recordings resonated with both tech-savvy Wikimedia contributors and the broader public.

Prior to the event, the Idea Ink team conducted thorough research to familiarise themselves with Wikimedia-related terminology, themes, and the conference schedule. They also collaborated closely with the Wikimedia Foundation to align their work with the event's objectives.

During the conference, Idea Ink set up a dedicated visual recording station equipped with drawing boards, markers, and a team of skilled illustrators. They attended key sessions and discussions, creating visual representations of the content in real-time.

The team digitised the illustrations and made them available on the conference social media platforms in near real-time, ensuring that attendees and the global Wikimedia community could access and share the visuals.

The team continuously gathered feedback from conference organisers to ensure that the visual recordings were meeting their expectations and needs. They made adjustments based on this feedback, refining their approach throughout the event.

By transforming complex ideas into visually engaging illustrations, they facilitated understanding, engagement, and knowledge sharing among attendees. The resulting visual recordings will continue to serve as valuable resources for the Wikimedia community.

Idea Ink presenting the sketch wall to more than 2,100 attendees at Wikimania 2023.

The collaboration exemplifies the power of visual storytelling in knowledge sharing and community-building initiatives. It showcases how a creative and thoughtful approach can contribute significantly to the success of conferences and events focused on open knowledge and collaboration.

Check out the final illustration from Wikimania 2023 on Wikimedia Commons, a free-to-use library of illustrations, photos, drawings, videos, and music.

Over 2,100 physical and virtual attendees at Wikimania Singapore 2023.