Sino-Singapore (Suzhou) Fintech Expo 2019

Creating a memorable big picture with our modular sketch walls.

15 - 16 May 2019 | China | Modular Sketch Wall

In 2019, Idea Ink was delighted to be part of the first Sino-Singapore FinTech Expo in Suzhou, China. As part of a 2-day event gathering global financial institutions, consulting institutions, FinTechs and investment institutions, we were present to graphic record insights on cutting-edge technology trend, FinTechs and startups, regulations and the future of banking.


With a combination of physical graphic recording, and post-event digitised PDF, attendees are able to mill and revise key ideas even beyond the conclusion of the event.

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Attendees get to scroll through 2 days of content to their own convenience — all while being able to identify key speakers and choice sessions relevant to their purpose.