Boma: COVID-19 Summit 2020

Creating a dynamic and unique portal for individuals to access graphic recordings for over 20 hours of content.


More than 60 experts from 20 countries convened online at Boma Global’s COVID-19 Summit, organised in partnership with Zoom and Facebook. Because BOMA organised the sessions by country, we created an custom website for visitors to scroll, interact, and different parts of the world are coping with the novel coronavirus.


Synthesizing volumes of content to consumable information is the crux of what we do. Speakers  from different backgrounds including healthcare, education, activism, and research, came to share their insights from their field. Discussions ranged from the science COVID-19 to economic public policy, from technological access for information to mental health during isolation.

As panelists spoke from their homes, we too were creating graphic recordings of the sessions remotely. The visual summaries were consolidated as an interactive clicker where viewers could access these recordings by scrolling through the globe.

Our interactive map and graphic recordings were shared by the organisers on social media as succinct and impactful  highlights of the summit.

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Check out the interactive site here!