Singapore Tourism Board, Tourism Data Leadership Conference

AI-generated infographics & portraits for STB's flagship data conference

2023 | Singapore | AI-powered infographics & portraits

Tourism is back, but travel patterns and visitor preferences have evolved. To help tourism businesses adapt, the third edition of Singapore Tourism Board's (STB) flagship data conference, Tourism Data Leadership Conference, convened C-suites to discuss how data can be used to drive business outcomes.

As an AI platform that was born & bred in Singapore,, was invited to showcase our expertise at the conference. Generating 4 keynote sessions and a panel discussion, our AI tool generated an infographic that comprised of:

  • 5 key points
  • AI-generated portraits
  • Key event visual
  • Custom event branding, logos & colour palette
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The theme of this year's conference is "Building data-driven tourism businesses: Utilising first to third-party data to drive growth". The speakers shared how to bring together first, second, and third party data in an effective manner.

Check out our AI-powered summaries & portraits of the sessions below!
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