Singapore National Co-operative Federation, Forward SG

Singapore National Co-operative Federation's (SNCF) “Forward SG Conversation with Co-ops” series

2023 | Singapore | Gate-Fold Infographic Pamphlet

We were tasked with reimagining the information on Singapore Co-operative Movement, while highlighting statistics, milestones, key findings and illustrating the roles stakeholders play in strengthening social impact. The end product was a custom gate-fold infographic pamphlet as part of the SNCF "Forward SG Conversation with Co-Ops" series.

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The Co-operative concept was introduced in Singapore as early as 1924 at a time when money lending was a roaring business. At that time, many low wage earners, who were struggling to make ends meet, were unable to turn to financial institutions or banks for financial relief in times of need.

SNCF believes that Singaporeans can make the greatest difference to society and serve the rest of the community through the Co-operative Movement.

You can learn more about SNCF's Singapore Co-Op Movement here.

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