THAIFEX World of Food Asia

Expanding our repertoire with our very first mural on a black background.

16 March 2017 | Thailand | Mural

THAIFEX - World of Food Asia is Asia's largest food and beverage trade fair, with a gross floor area of 93,500 square metres. Held in Bangkok, it brings together an amalgamation of international cuisine — including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, German, Italian, Filipino, Indonesian, and this year’s new addition, Scottish.

In 2017, the food fair was planned for 31 May to 4 June. We were honoured to participate in their press conference on 16 March, trying out our very first wall mural with a black background.

We drew parallels between the wonders of food to the joy experienced at a playground with an amusement park theme for the mural.  With the pastel colours standing out against the dark background, the overall work exuded playfulness and light-heartedness.

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