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Yidan Prize Summit 2023

Covering insights on a sketch wall and sketch towers at a prestigious prize summit

2023 | Hong Kong | Physical Sketch Wall & Sketch Towers
“Our speakers captivated the audience with their big ideas in education—and it was an engaging and refreshing experience for speakers and guests alike to see these discussions captured visually into a memorable map of ideas, quotes, and facts on the sketch wall. Participants of the Yidan Prize Summit also got to learn about the impactful work of our 2023 laureates, Professor Michelene (Micki) Chi and Shai Reshef, via the illustrations on the sketch towers. It was our absolute pleasure to work with the talented illustrators at Idea Ink!"

Yu-Ting Poh, Program Director, Yidan Prize Foundation

Idea Ink illustrator graphic recording

Sketch Towers, Yidan Prize Summit 2023

Increase retention through visual summaries!

One of the most powerful ways to get people to engage with an idea, especially in a complex world, is to paint a picture, literally. By creating visual summaries, our team was able to pull insights, quotes, and facts into a visual spectacle that is both beautiful and memorable.

Bernard Chan, Chairperson of M+ Museum Hong Kong, with Dr Charles Chen Yidan, Chairperson of Yidan Prize Foundation

Physical graphic recording can also be enjoyed virtually!

Physical graphic recordings can also be enjoyed virtually - by digitising the artworks, attendees can revisit the themes and discussions whenever they wish.

Click through insights from our panels from our album here.

Idea Ink illustrator at Yidan Prize Summit 2023

About the Event:

The Yidan Prize Foundation, a global philanthropic educational foundation headquartered in Hong Kong, hosted its annual Yidan Prize Summit, which saw over 300 people in attendance for the 2023 edition. The event gathered innovative change-makers from around the world to explore ideas and practices already driving change at every level, from classrooms to systems.

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We packed our bags, literally!

With meticulous care and attention to detail, they carefully packed the intricate foam core boards and stationery, ensuring they were securely fastened for the journey ahead. Each step of the process was thoughtfully considered to safeguard the integrity of our presentation materials.

With custom-fitted casings, every precaution was taken to shield our boards from any potential damage during transit.

Moreover, our team strategised the most efficient and cost-saving transport methods, considering factors such as flight schedules, handling procedures, and potential challenges en route. This comprehensive planning ensured that our illustrators were equipped with the necessary resources to navigate the logistical complexities of international travel.

As a result of their meticulous preparation and dedication, our illustrators successfully transported the boards and stationery to Hong Kong, ready to showcase our work at the prestigious Yidan Prize Summit.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail exemplify our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding results for our esteemed clients.

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