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Tatler Gen.T Summit

AI powered infographics & portraits at the inaugural Tatler Gen.T Summit in M+ Museum, West Kowloon.

2023 | Hong Kong | AI Infographics & Portraits

Tatler Asia, a luxury digital platform and magazine, launched the inaugural Tatler Gen.T Summit, which saw over 300 people in attendance at the M+ Museum in West Kowloon. Over three days, the Summit offered an impressive gathering of insightful thinkers from Asia’s Gen.T community across Asia and inspiring figures from across the globe.

Photo Courtesy: Tatler Hong Kong

Attendees flew in from across the region and every industry on the Gen.T List — including investors, innovators, philanthropists, and artists.

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Having been honoured on the Gen.T List herself, CEO and Art Tech Founder, Yee Chia, wanted to give back to her community by;

(1) Gifting attendees AI-powered visual summaries from the 14 insightful sessions, which included
(2) AI-generated portrait of all 42 speakers.

Infographics generated by


An innovative fusion of AI and human expertise — dive into a seamless journey of sharing infographics effortlessly, all accomplished in just a matter of minutes!

1 — Display Experience

First impressions matter — the infographics were displayed on a massive LED projector at the main stage, and an intimate 18 inch screen in the wellness lounge.

LED screen located in the Summit wellness lounge
Projector located at the main Summit conference stage

2 — Event Branding

To visually compliment the rest of the event venue — we created a new layout style, with automatically applied brand colours and content-relevant assets.

Our team of talented illustrators created a vast library of assets, which were well used when generating the session summaries on-site.

The AI-software we used to generate,, underwent intensive learning and training hours to produce 12 summaries in less than 8 hours.

Vector illustration library and AI-generated portraits

3 — Live Event Workflow

By setting up two devices in the main stage — in this case, laptops connected to the AV output — transcriptions were auto-fed into our web-app, which our designers edited into infographics in minutes!

Team generating infographics on-site

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