DBS Asia X: Startup Xchange

Modular infographics that can be enjoyed stitched together and individually.

2019 | Singapore | Modular hand-drawn infographics
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Launched in 2016, DBS Asia X (a.k.a. DAX) is one of Singapore’s largest innovation facilities. DAX is an incubator and co-working space that functions as an accelerator for emerging technologies in banking innovation.

Two years later in 2018, DBS Innovation launched Startup Xchange in Singapore and Hong Kong, a programme that matched the bank and its enterprise clients with startups and their new technologies, in order to find solutions to business problems.

By the time we came onboard for this project in 2019, the programme had successfully matched five such start-up partners to clients, with successful case stories to match!

The banners in the DAX space.
The banners in the DAX space.

We worked with the DBS team to illustrate and print a modular series of infographic banners for a DAX event that offered an overview of each start-up’s journey in the programme, as well as general information for those who wanted to know more about the Startup Xchange programme in a nutshell.

Designed in a modular manner, the infographics read well as a coherent narrative when viewed together (see if you can follow the journey of the recurring characters), but can also be enjoyed individually! Here’s a closer look:

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