TEDxShenzhen 2019

Building a modular sketch wall of visual summaries in two languages.

December 2019 | China | Modular Sketch Wall

In December 2019, we were invited by Hanking Group to graphic record the diverse perspectives at TEDx Shenzhen.

Our visual summaries were pieced together to form a gigantic modular sketch wall at the venue. The wall succeeded in creating a buzz, with many crowding around to watch the illustration process, and to recap the key insights shared by speakers.

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The theme of TEDxShenzhen was “Where are the currents of this age heading towards?” The speakers presented on issues and trends from diverse industries, such as farming, science, education, architecture, and even caving! With anecdotes about their personal experiences and outlooks on life, they also encouraged deeper thinking about how one is leading one’s life, and what actions one can take to make the world a better place.

Here are some of the highlights we captured with our markers. You can click on the caption to see the video recording of these talks:

Han BiCheng - founder and CEO of BrainCo
GeQingfei - creator of all-subject integrated teaching ideology
LuoXiaobin - founder of Snail Mom Technology