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WOK HEY Lunar New Year Campaign

Product design and illustrations for a leading Asian food service

2024 | Singapore | Product Design & Illustration Work
Idea Ink's illustrations for WOK HEY

WOK HEY is a renowned Singaporean restaurant chain known for its delectable Asian wok dishes. With an emphasis on quality ingredients, bold flavors, and contemporary presentation, WOK HEY has garnered a loyal customer base over the years.

As part of their annual tradition, WOK HEY introduces special collections for Chinese New Year, aligning with the festive spirit and cultural significance of the occasion. In the Year of the Dragon, they sought to elevate their offerings and enhance their marketing packaging to captivate their audience further.

Idea Ink's illustrations on WOK HEY's social media platform

How our illustrations came to life

In order to revamp their product and marketing packaging for their Chinese New Year collection, we wanted to infuse the packaging designs with a modern yet culturally resonant aesthetic. All while ensuring that the essence of the Year of the Dragon was authentically represented in the visual narrative.

Here's how we approached it:

  • Design Research & Immersion:
    • Extensive research into auspicious motifs, color psychology, and traditional artwork.
  • Collaborative Ideation Sessions:
    • Collaborating closely with WOK HEY's marketing and design teams, we conducted ideation sessions to brainstorm concepts that would blend tradition with modernity seamlessly. These sessions fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and ensured that the final designs would align with WOK HEY's brand identity.
  • Visual Storytelling:
    • Leveraging our expertise in visual communication, we crafted a compelling narrative for the packaging designs. Each element, from the colour palette to the typography, was chosen deliberately to evoke the spirit of prosperity, fortune, and vitality associated with the Year of the Dragon.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Throughout the process, we maintained a keen focus on quality assurance, ensuring that the final designs not only met but exceeded WOK HEY's expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Packaging Mockup by Idea Ink

Enjoyed and appreciated by patrons of WOK HEY

The collaboration between WOK HEY and our visual consultancy yielded outstanding results, with the Chinese New Year collection receiving widespread acclaim from customers and industry peers alike. The redesigned packaging not only enhanced the presentation of WOK HEY's offerings but also served as a powerful vehicle for storytelling, engaging consumers on a deeper level and fostering a sense of connection to the brand.

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Our collaboration with WOK HEY exemplifies the transformative power of visual storytelling and driving consumer engagement. By infusing the Year of the Dragon with modern flair and cultural authenticity, we helped WOK HEY create an unforgettable Chinese New Year experience for their customers, setting a new standard for culinary excellence and visual appeal in the industry.

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