Aviation Festival Asia 2017

Flying to Bali to build our tallest sketch wall to date.

21 - 22 February 2017 | Singapore | Modular sketch wall

Singapore FinTech Festival’s 10 m long wall was our longest to date —but now, we have Aviation Festival Asia’s 3 m high wall as our tallest wall contender.

With an ambitious line-up of seven concurrent tracks, and with more than 150 aviation industry insiders, from Hyderabad to Hawaii - further combined with luminaries from Facebook, Bloomberg, Ogilvy & Mather - Aviation Festival Asia was a cacophony of intensely-focused, marathon-like series of discussions, speeches, panels, and workshops.

It's humanly impossible to remember so much diverse content, much less to splice yourself into all seven rooms. However, with Idea Ink, it is entirely possible to glance through two days of intensive industry knowledge within 20 minutes.

Who knew so much pain and sweat would be needed for a quick Bali getaway?

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