Future: Engagement

Speaking on and graphic recording a panel exploring the new frontier of digital engagement.

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Many event companies are tightly interwoven with the physical. We graphic recorded alongside our peers in the events industry on a webinar detailing how events have shifted offline to online. Making connections between different ideas of each company and their platforms, we synthesized the key takeaways into an easily digestible image.

The performative aspect of the livestreamed graphic recording could rivet audiences through the course of the webinar, and incorporating Q&As, as the panelists answered top questions from the participants.

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Future: Engagement webinar with Hustle & Bustle, Brightcove, Pigeonhole Live, Jublia, and Idea Ink

Our very own COO spoke on the impact of our graphic recording work, and how we filter insights from noise. Summarising live content deepens retention for participants, and the illustrated product extends the lifespan of an event even after it’s done. Going remote is also something that can enable your event to scale up, and we’ll be there alongside you to tell your story.

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Post-event report detailing the participant interaction and poll results, courtesy of Hustle & Bustle