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Client Favour with Augmented Reality

Our personal taste test for a Singapore-based artisanal chocolatier.

2023 | Singapore | Product Packaging

Annually, as a heartfelt expression of appreciation for our valued clients and friends, Idea Ink crafts a bespoke gift. This year, we collaborated with Fossa Chocolate to design unique packaging for a custom chocolate bar and curated an exclusive sticker pack dedicated to our cherished clients and friends.

In true Idea Ink fashion, our designs were adapted into augmented reality and animated GIFs.

Read on to discover our unique approach to reimagining traditional product packaging!

Sticker pack designed & printed by Idea Ink

Our Creative Process

Analysing the existing product sleeve, we started brainstorming unique ways to show our gratitude towards our beloved clients, and friends.

We began by illustrating the static product sleeve, carefully ensuring details of the chocolate itself were not missed out.

Design drafts by Idea Ink

The chocolate's outer sleeve that would house two chocolate bars, was designed with geometrical shapes in mind to showcase the building blocks of our unique company structure - Idea Ink and

Outer sleeve packaging

The Idea Ink chocolate bar, highlights our expertise as a visual consultancy, which featured a graphic recorder holding her highlighter in front of an easel display.

We also played tribute to our baby software, Showcasing the software's mascot, Thoth - an ibis which represents the ancient god of scribing, holding a similar tool in front of his canvas, a digital display.

Chocolate sleeve packaging for Idea Ink (left), and (right)

Our Business Development Lead with our client from Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

Our sticker pack highlights our expertise, which includes a solution for synthesising multiple documents, as well as online and offline hybrid experiences. It also spotlights an appreciation for creative ideas and brainstorming, and showcases an ability to summarise content efficiently on the go.


(1) Animated GIFs

We included micro-animations to an otherwise static image to further enhance the experience of our recipients.

Animated GIF adaptation

Animated GIF adaptation

(2) Augmented Reality

Reimagining the world as our digital playground, we transformed the chocolate bar into a virtual spectacle.

With the help of an overly-talented illustrator and Spark AR, our clients could use their smartphones to view the additional content, that would only be found in the digital space.

Experience the filter on your mobile device HERE!

Augmented Reality filter

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About Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Chocolate is a homegrown artisanal bean-to-bar chocolatier. The award-winning brand is celebrated for their handcrafted chocolates, which are made in small batches and are absolutely free of additives. Hand wrapped in eco-friendly, letter-pressed packaging, their exquisite chocolate bars are available in a variety of unique flavours.

Instagram: @fossachocolate
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