Social Media Adaptations
Configure graphic recordings and hand-drawn infographics as attention-grabbing social media posts and assets. Scroll through the page to see the range of formats we offer, or use the following menu to jump straight to your desired section:
Instagram Carousels
Instagram-Optimized Posts
Instagram Stories & Templates
Banners (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Website)

Instagram-Optimised Posts

Ensure that messages stand out amidst the stream of posts with Instagram-optimised sizings!
Square Format (Aspect Ratio - 1:1)
Vertical (Aspect Ratio - 4:5)

Instagram Stories & Templates

Turn graphic recordings or hand-drawn infographics into Instagram-friendly nuggets that viewers can swipe through!
Infographic portraits with photographs for WOMAN by The Edge

Banners (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Website)

Before the conference, we illustrated a banner for ’s social media platforms.
The banner that we created for presents a warm welcome to website visitors