Looking to spotlight distinguished speakers or featured individuals? Send us their photos and we will add their portraits to the graphic recordings, or create infographic portraits that tell their stories!
Portrait Styles
Portrait Print-outs
Infographic Portraits

Portrait Styles

Naturalistic, Warm
Minimalistic, Monochromatic
Colourful, Fun
Simple, Graphic

Portrait Print-outs

Print out and frame portraits as memorable gifts for distinguished guests!
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands - print-out of her portrait and graphic recording of her speech at Singapore FinTech Festival x SWITCH 2019
Louise Tagliante - print-out of her portrait for Protégé Closing Celebration 2020

Infographic Portraits

Commission infographic portraits that tell the stories of your speakers or featured individuals!
Infographic portraits of interviews for Zuellig Pharma for International Women’s Day 2020
Infographic portraits with photographs for WOMAN by The Edge