Pre- and Post-Event Materials
Publicise your events with hand-drawn marketing collaterals, and create memorable post-event takeaways for participants with illustrated infographics! Our illustrations help you achieve a coherent visual identity before, during, and after an event.

Pre-Event Publicity Materials

Promote your event with visually stunning illustrations that you can share as emailers or social media posts!
Publicity emailer for Singapore Data Centres Sustainability Challenge - an event that we also graphic recorded and created a post-event infographic for.
Publicity emailer for an internal staff workshop with portraits of featured individuals.

Post-Event Infographics

Distill key insights and significant quotes from the event into hand-drawn infographics that can be shared as mementos and preserved for future references!
Infographic accompanying SGTech’s article on its approach to address data centres’ energy needs , following the Singapore Data Centres Sustainability Challenge.
Consolidating important points from discussions at Singapore Data Centres Sustainability Challenge into an animated and concise infographic report.
A Thank You emailer featuring helpful advice and word clouds created during the event for participants of Protégé’s Closing Celebration.
Post-event emailer gathering employees’ reflections about COVID-19 and highlighting selected quotes by featured individuals.