Cyberport Venture Capital Forum

Customised microsites for multi-session conferences.

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) is an annual event organised by Cyberport, a digital community of start-ups and tech companies based in Hong Kong. Gathering global venture capital experts, investors, enterprises, start-ups and more, the forum aims to enable investment and business connections while exploring the latest insights on technology and venture.

For 2 years running, Idea Ink live-streamed our graphic recording process from Singapore while watching the broadcast from Hong Kong, and created microsites that display our visual summaries comprehensively.

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Like many events in 2020, CVCF went virtual for the first time, digitally broadcasting its mix of in-person and online panels. Our graphic recording process was integrated seamlessly into their broadcast, offering a similar experience to our performative process at live physical events.

Drawing inspiration from our usual physical sketch walls at multi-day events, we designed a dedicated microsite to display the 19 graphic recordings we produced over 3 - 4 November.

Have a sneak peek of the content below, and visit the digital library for the full picture!

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CVCF went hybrid for 2021, combining online and offline engagements to reach a global audience. Continuing our good work from last year, we illustrated 18 visual summaries to capture key insights from the forum. Our digital library was deployed once again for easy viewing and downloading.

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Have a sneak peek of the content below, and visit the digital library for the full picture!