Fei Yue Wall Mural

A 5.3-metre hand-painted community wall mural for Singapore’s pioneer counselling service.

2022 | Singapore | Hand-Painted Wall Mural
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Established in 1996, Fei Yue Community Services is one of Singapore's pioneers in counselling services. In 2022, their Family Service Centre organised a community work programme, with the aim of having their participants take part in painting a mural.

Our team created a wall mural that showcased the diversity and unity of Fei Yue Community Services. The mural was divided into sections, each depicting a different aspect of the organisation's work, such as counselling, education, and support services.

The wall mural not only beautified the center but also turned into a community activity and created a sense of ownership over the artwork, demonstrating the potential of art to transform spaces and bring people together.

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