GIC: Annual Report 2020/21

Depicting an investor’s mission with an illustrated ecosystem and its history with a visual narrative.

Idea Ink was approached by GIC, a global long-term investor, to visualise two extracts from their annual report, turning complex ideas and narratives into thoughtful illustrated infographics. The hand-drawn infographics made for visually impactful sharing on ThinkSpace, a section on GIC’s site dedicated to exploring a range of key topics.


GIC is committed to taking a holistic approach towards sustainability with its Offence-Defence-Enterprise Excellence (ODE) framework. We turned the framework into a bustling ecosystem that pictures the actions and conversations happening to ensure sustainable practices on all fronts. The whole ecosystem was also broken down into 3 individual pieces that zoom in on each aspect of the framework, with bite-sized information digested from dense paragraphs.

Accompanying summary text in a ThinkSpace article, the colourful infographics added delight to the reading experience. The infographics are also compiled as a downloadable PDF for closer reading.


2021 marks GIC’s 40th anniversary, and the annual report included a feature article describing GIC’s history and evolution. We illustrated the narrative as newspaper-inspired comics that span five decades, with the colours getting increasingly vibrant as we approach the present.

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Check out the full comic here!