MAS: Talent Pavilion

An interactive website with customised user journeys for various stakeholders.

2021 | Singapore | Interactive Website

Talent Pavilion is a website created by Singapore’s central bank and integrated financial regulator, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), to showcase the resources and capabilities available to support individuals’ various FinTech journeys. As part of Singapore FinTech Festival 2021, the website highlighted an array of events, job opportunities, and upskilling courses over the course of 5 days, from 8 - 12 November 2021. Our task was to make all this information easily-navigable and visually appealing.

To do this, we illustrated 3 exciting cover slideshow images for the Talent Pavilion website. The first provides an overview of the various courses and job opportunities at hand, with links to the many resources available to visitors of the website. Next, we categorised this information into 5 FinTech user journeys for students, job-seekers, PMETs, employers, and SMEs. Clicking each link brings visitors to a personalised page illustrating their journey into FinTech and highlighting the courses which would be most relevant to them.

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Last but not least, we designed an illustrated ecosystem of all the organisations involved in Talent Pavilion. This fun visualisation of Singapore’s FinTech Talent ecosystem highlights the 25 institutions involved in supporting potential FinTech journeys and provides links to their websites so visitors can learn more in their own time.