National Youth Council (NYC): SGMoji

Customisable avatars to help Singaporeans celebrate their 56th National Day.

To celebrate Youth Month & Singapore’s 56th birthday, National Youth Council launched a limited-time interactive initiative, SGMoji, for users to create their very own Singaporean-themed Memoji.

Working with integrated marketing agency DSTNCT, Idea Ink illustrated 100+ unique assets that go into building a personal avatar, from a range of facial features and hairstyles, to local backgrounds and accessories. Sip on your favourite teh peng and chill with the community cat at the void deck, or pose before iconic landscapes such as colourful shophouses or HDB flats — the possibilities are endless!

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Many Singaporeans jumped at the chance to create their unique SGMojis, reflecting on their identities through their selected outfits and items. Custom avatars were also designed for local public figures, with many of them sharing their SGMojis and what the SG spirit means to them on their social media!