Ocean Network Express

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2022 | Singapore | Social Media Campaign

Established in 2017, Ocean Network Express (ONE) strives to blend and refine different ways of thinking, cultures, and skills, giving life to a new way of moving the world. Working hand in hand with their customers and partners, they discover and offer optimal shipping solutions.

In 2021, ONE launched their Green Strategy. This is a concrete step towards accelerating their decarbonisation ambition, which they have further cemented with an enhanced greenhouse gas emissions reduction target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. To do this, ONE developed a decarbonisation plan covering five focus areas, spanning carbon management, operational efficiency, green investment, alternative fuels and ecosystem building. Initiatives for each focus area are detailed in this report.

We illustrated a social media campaign that raised awareness about key issues in marine sustainability, with focus on what ONE is doing. The 9-part series featured hand-drawn assets that conveyed ONE's brand and message, along with personalised elements unique to the brand.

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We went beyond traditional social media posts by incorporating micro animations into static content. Our animated GIFs tell a visual story and convey complex information in a shorter amount of time, engaging audiences to a much greater degree.