RedHat: Tea with DP

Fun, coherent graphic recording series for several themed sessions.


Hand-drawn graphic recordings provide a human touch to event announcements, and bring additional warmth to virtual bonding experiences. With the increase in remote work, companies have been searching for ways to remain connected with their staff.

Red Hat, a leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, organised a series of virtual chats for teams around the world, cleverly creating variations on the theme of tea. The sessions were hosted by Senior Vice President & General Manager (Asia Pacific & Japan), Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, also affectionately known as DP. Every session saw 100 to 200 participants joining in.


Idea Ink illustrated a series of animated emailers that were used to introduce the sessions to Red Hat’s staff. Warmly illustrated and infused with region-specific references, the emailers conveyed to recipients that the sessions were going to be intimate and chatty.

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During the light-hearted chats, staff shared about how they are coping with COVID-19, and what Red Hat is doing moving forward. Our scribes attended all five sessions, recording anecdotes, thoughts, and plans. The graphic recording process was streamed live during the sessions, providing a visual accompaniment to the conversation while delighting participants.

Red Hat emailer graphic for the Beijing session
Timelapse of the live-streamed graphic recording during the call
“We did not have a structured business agenda. Instead, we played an online game and had a live drawing about the chat and the ideas we were talking about. Sometimes, you just need to know how your colleagues feel.”


Finally, we animated the graphic recordings so that they took on an even livelier dimension. Take a look at some of the graphic recordings from the sessions below!

The graphic recordings proved to be a hit when DP shared them on his LinkedIn. The posts quickly garnered hundreds of likes, and several commented to express how much they liked the illustrations and the local references!