Stewardship Asia Centre

Designing a wall mural that brings company values and goals to life.

2023 | Singapore | Vinyl Printed Wall Mural

Earlier this year, Stewardship Asia Centre (SAC) had relocated their office to a new building and wanted a wall mural solution for a 2.7 metre wall that greeted visitors at the office’s entrance corridor.

As a non-profit organisation established by Temasek, SAC is dedicated to helping business and government leaders, investors and individuals activate stewardship practices through research, executive education and engagement.

Idea Ink’s goal: To create a wall mural that best represented SAC’s values and highlighted their unique qualities.

SAC (5).png

Through initial meetings with SAC representatives, our team was able to identify key values and turn them into stunning illustrations, while remaining in alignment with their corporate brand colours.

We illustrated SAC’s stewardship journey with a blue pathway. The pathway was sprinkled with corporate values and graphics that represented the challenges SAC faces, culminating towards their goal of a “Collective Better Future”.

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“The Idea Ink team are professional and great partners to work with. The illustration is beautiful, vibrant, and exactly what our team was looking for. Though there were minor hiccups and changes along the way, the Idea Ink team never wavered and adapted well, ensuring that the project goes smoothly. It was a positive experience from start to end. Thank you!”