Building an interactive wall enabled by IoT sensors

Organised by Enterprise Singapore, the 6th edition of Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) was held from 8 - 12 November 2021. Focusing on inter-industry exchange, SWITCH features talks and panels by experts and luminaries across the world on emergent ideas and innovations.

Instead of graphic recording, Idea Ink is back for SWITCH as an Art x Tech creator, showcasing our largest physical display and 2nd interactive wall since 2019! We designed a 3m by 3m wall enabled by IoT sensors, capturing 17 deep tech trends in Singapore in a bustling futuristic landscape.

In line with COVID-19 measures, the wall features contactless interactions. With wireless sensors detecting the presence of people via distance and communicating that information to a sensor hub, standing before the wall triggers animation that brings the illustrated ecosystem to life. The projection-mapped animation showcases the interaction between industries and highlights associated hot topics.

Integrating Near-Field Communication (NFC) chips in our wall, delegates were able to tap their phones on the industry labels to be redirected to related upcoming webinars on the event site, helping them access the information they need speedily.

With the power of the Internet of Things, the wireless sensors enabled us to greatly reduce set-up time, making it much more convenient to build an interactive wall. We were able to reposition the interaction points easily with the wireless sensors as well, which allowed us to make quick refinements along the way.

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Alongside the wall, we also featured the artificial intelligence software we’ve been working hard on — Thoth! With the content from several webinars at SWITCH, we generated visual summaries with the help of Thoth, which organises content into curated layouts and algorithmically selects suitable illustrations from our own library. In addition, delegates were invited to try out an interactive demo that provides a fun taster of how Thoth works.