GIC Insights 2020

A multipronged visual approach for an annual thought leadership event.

In 2020, we were very happy to return to GIC Insights GIC’s annual thought leadership event, where top leaders from GIC’s key partners convene to discuss long-term issues concerning business and investment. Our multipronged approach for the year included graphic recording, social media adaptations, and spot illustrations for 2020’s summary report.


In the midst of the pandemic, GIC Insights moved online, forming GIC Insights LIVE, which took place from 8 - 11 September 2020. We graphic recorded for the event again, this time remotely and digitally rather than in-person! In addition, we created spot illustrations for their post-event summary report, which we also animated and adapted for social media.


We graphic recorded a high-level summary of the webinar, capturing the thoughts of luminaries on what the future would hold in relation to sustainability, tech-enabled healthcare, biopharma supply chains, communications, and other pertinent themes. The graphic recording was hosted on GIC’s site for public download.

We also created illustrated “group photos” of the speakers by arranging our illustrated portraits in a video conference frame, which reflects how most discussions took place in 2020. The graphic recordings, along with the speaker portraits, were printed out as thoughtful post-event souvenirs.

Besides the webinars, roundtable discussions where leaders of various businesses shared their views on hot topics relevant to their region were also conducted. We covered these discussions too, providing both graphic recordings and speaker portraits.


This year, we expanded our involvement in GIC Insights by providing graphic design support and hand-drawn illustrations for the post-event summary report, making it one that informs and impresses.

You can download the full summary report from GIC’s site (in English and Chinese) here.  


For impactful sharing on Instagram, we resized our illustrations as square images for posting, and animated them for Instagram stories!

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